Feature Requests

JSON Snapshot Download (3)
[IMPLEMENTED] Navigating between Schemas (8)
[IMPLEMENTED] Automatic Backup (4)
[OBSOLETE] SEQ Logging Support (10)
[IMPLEMENTED] Reference assets by slug (19)
[IMPLEMENTED] Mapping Api for Class (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Docker healthcheck (12)
[IMPLEMENTED] Image assets: better preview (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Possibility to disable creating projects for users (8)
[IMPLEMENTED] Restore Backup (BETA) filesystem file location (20)
[IMPLEMENTED] Load content by id with generic url (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Consistent language-code pattern (language-region) for languages (7)
[IMPLEMENTED] Add quality parameter to the asset endpoint (6)
Schema content part / mix-ins / inheritance / snippets (4)
[IMPLEMENTED PARTLY] Migrate schemas and rules between apps ( 2 ) (27)
Assets - folder structure (2)
[DECLINED] Fast Create non Existing Tags (3)
[IMPLEMENTED] Insensitive Tag Suggestion (2)
[IMPLEMENTED] CosmosDB support (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Add Plugin System (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Side by side Diff view of versions of content (6)
[IMPLEMENTED] Rules for Schema Changes (8)
[IMPLEMENTED] Images must be in .jpg, .png, or. gif format for Product structured data (5)
[IMPLEMENTED] Docker compose without Lets Encrypt (11)
Editor to design the expressions in schema triggers (7)
[IMPLEMENTED] Selecting a Tag removes focus (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Highlight or tell which tag is invalid (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Evaluate Tags when leaving (5)
[IMPLEMENTED] Enable pasting for Images in Assets or when Creating a Content (3)
[IMPLEMENTED] Enforcing 2 selections in References field type (6)