[DECLINED] Allow customization of the Assets sourceURL attribute


Is it possible to customize the sourceURL attribute of the Assets obtained via the GraphQL API?

We need to implement a CDN to serve them (the Assets), and the frontend of our applications uses that attribute to download them.

Is this approach correct? Or is there a more suitable/efficient solution?

Thanks in advance.


the source URL is only relevant when you use azure blob store and has never been implemented for other providers. There is no way to let the URL point to another endpoint. I think it might be useful and you can change this to a feature request.

So far you have to compute the URL in your frontend.

Sebastian, thank you for the quick response.

I’ve just changed the topic category to Feature Request.

It would be very useful to be able to customize the sourceURL attribute of assets obtained from the GraphQL API. Ideally for us, we would like to configure it on a per-application basis or, failing that, globally.

This would facilitate, for example, the implementation of a CDN by allowing the definition of a different endpoint and using it in the frontend of applications.

I would just use metadata for that. You can create asset scripts where you can add custom metadata.