[IMPLEMENTED] Squidex Dashboard page not Responsive

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Current behavior

small screen sizes shrink dashboard so its unreadable. Screenshot below:

Expected behavior

Dashboard is responsive and readable.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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  • Cloud version

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Mainly just wanting to see if this is something that will be fixed.

I have changed it as a feature request. The squidex UI is not really responsive, more like adaptive to a certain degree. I am not sure how to make this part responsive tbh.

Maybe for small screens do not use grid and just put all boxes under each other that way it should be “useable”. Maybe charts do not but they could be either show less days or scrollable.

Or second options for small display show warning the dashboard works only on bigger screen. From a user perspective what is the use case with phone?

Only issue whit current state is, that this is the first page after login and it may seem like even content etc won’t be usable at all what is not true as it works reasonably well.

From my point of view emergency changes in content. Maybe something in settings like rules? @lexiecrandall How do you use Squidex from smaller devices?

I have solved it by making it scrollable on the x-axis.

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