[IMPLEMENTED] Improvement for mass content editing

We store courses and lessons in Squidex.
We have a lot of lessons and our content manager cries when he has to walk over the all lessons and change one field in all of them.
He needs to filter lessons, find neccessary one (e.g. he changes content of all lessons module by module) and then make a change.

The problem is that the “back” button on the editor page clears the specified filter in the list page.

The possible solution:

  1. Preserve filter on “back” button click.
  2. Make possible to open editor in a new tab.

I would be happy to get some workarounds.

You can just ctrl-click the content to open in an new tab.

@Sebastian hi
ctrl + click just opens browser’s context menu.
OS: macos
Browser: Safari, Chrome
Squidex: v7 (k8s via helm).

I am not sure how it is under mac, I am a windows user. But I will have a look.

I had a look to implementation and the code for Ctrl+Click was actually self built. What would be the correct shortcut for mac?

Usually Ctrl maps to the Cmd (Command). So it would be Cmd + Click.

Thanks. I will change that. I also added a link to the context menu. I will work on the navigation improvements today.