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[IMPLEMENTED] Expose Version in CLI (2)
Image focus point (8)
Deploy button to trigger CI (4)
UI let user change disabled fields (3)
Additional metadata fields for assets (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Application Features: Image/Icon (7)
[IMPLEMENTED] Use image slug instead of image id when adding image in rich text field (13)
[IMPLEMENTED] DefaultTimeout dose not configurable (6)
[IMPLEMENTED] Relation Field DropdownList UI Item Limit (9)
Regarding Customer/partner Account (4)
Dynamic block support (7)
Asset picker in "Insert/edit" image dialog (5)
DocumentDB Support (17)
Clone Array List Schema (6)
Array List Item Name & Collapse Single/All Option (1)
Shared tag structure across schemas (2)
[OBSOLETE] JSON Snapshot Download (5)
Array List or Grid View UI Option (1)
[IMPLEMENTED] Reveal [PII is hidden] (6)
[IMPLEMENTED] One-to-many relationship display on Content section (10)
[IMPLEMENTED] Squidex.ClientLibrary: Json serializes dates to incorrect format (9)
[IMPLEMENTED] Scripting: Referencing Content Status (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Asset Versioning (3)
Upload multiple files by dropping a folder (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Hide/show map in Geolocation field (6)
[IMPLEMENTED] Custom Workflows (12)
[IMPLEMENTED] Roles and Permission based Features (9)
[IMPLEMENTED] Option to add additional language codes from settings (3)