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[IMPLEMENTED] Add section separator in schemas (5)
Support for batch operation for update (patch) and delete (4)
Import or export data from squidex (2)
Custom Workflows (10)
[IMPLEMENTED] Only display published content in relation field selection popup (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Hide already selected items from content selector (2)
[IMPLEMENTED] One-to-One Reference (6)
About Authentication APIs (6)
[IMPLEMENTED] Unique selection on Relation Field (7)
One-to-many relationship display on Content section (8)
[OBSOLETE] URL AND local file for restore operation (9)
[IMPLEMENTED] Improve UI and UX for checkboxes in Tags field (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Backup with app name + timestamp (3)
[IMPLEMENTED] Application Feature: Quick Links (4)
Application Features: Image/Icon (4)
Application Feature: Request Access (3)
[DUPLICATE] Feature to show Reference Field Name on List Page (3)
[IMPLEMENTED] Make List Field Sortable (5)
[IMPLEMENTED] DocumentDB Support (7)
[IMPLEMENTED] Filter array fields (5)
[DECLINED] LDAP/AD Authentication (4)
[IMPLEMENTED] Image asset request: Slugs (5)
JSON Snapshot Download (3)
[IMPLEMENTED] Navigating between Schemas (8)
Roles and Permission based Features (2)
[IMPLEMENTED] Automatic Backup (4)
[OBSOLETE] SEQ Logging Support (10)
[IMPLEMENTED] Reference assets by slug (19)
[IMPLEMENTED] Mapping Api for Class (4)