New Feature "Users"

Hi Sebastian,

Developing new feature “Users” on Squidex can make life easier in many projects.

Imagine we have a new feature called Users. This feature will use the current role system on the system. But provide to 2rd party app authorization/authentication.

“Users” of the App

  • Name
  • Surname (optional)
  • Email
  • Password (Hashed)
  • External Properties (Key, Value)
  • Role (Current System Roles)

When the user logs in with the client, he will be able to perform operations within his own authority. For this, a client such as frontend-client is needed.

Thus, a direct membership system can be developed on Squidex and members will be able to perform transactions within their own authority. Here, the “own” phrase we added in the roles / authorizations section will be very useful.

These users will not be able to login to Squidex Admin Panel. They will only be able to access the content according to their authorization through the client-credential type client created for the application.

Thus, client/user security and developability will be ensured in projects such as Angular/React.

I may have mistyped some topics as a english translation. If you need me to explain the architectural parts more, I can go into more detail.

In short;
Users (New Feature)

  • Powered by system roles.
  • Not login to Squidex Panel Only 2rd party application auth.
  • Basic Authentication / Authorization
  • Provide to Angular / React etc. frontend application identity security
  • Safe & Simple content accessibility

A structure like Umbraco “Users” although not exactly the same…

Thank you.

@NeoMoritsiqu Our private discussion had no result so far, what do you think about it at moment? Can you summarize from the discussion what this feature should look like?

Hi Sebastian,

I especially want to provide a secure user management for my Angular or React applications. I must be able to assign these users the privileges I created from the role part or create a special authority pool.

My aim is to make the membership system usable in applications such as React and Angular, as well as to impose transaction restrictions by associating it with squidex roles.

Users should not be able to login to the squidex admin panel. It should only be able to login to the application I am developing. I don’t like the idea of creating a client for each user… A single client must be defined for these users and they must login through it.