[SOLVED] Import schema as 'Single content' still redirecting to 404

Sorry, I cannot reproduce it.

Create new schema as single content and import this code:


“fields”: [
“name”: “imagem”,
“properties”: {
“editor”: “Default”,
“isRequired”: true,
“fieldType”: “Assets”,
“maxSize”: 500000,
“maxWidth”: 1920,
“maxHeight”: 1080,
“allowedExtensions”: [
“label”: “Imagem do parceiro”,
“hints”: “Dimensão máxima: 1920x1080 - Tamanho máximo: 500kb - formatos aceitos: PNG e SVG”
“partitioning”: “invariant”
“properties”: {}

You will see happening

I got it. It actually happens when you have a required field or so. We have to skip validation… Thanks