Increase asset max file size

I’m currently evaluating Squidex so I am using the free, hosted plan. Is there a way to increase the maximum file size for assets? The current 5MB limit is too small for our podcasts.

Not directly, but I can increase the asset size with the next deployment.

Sounds great, thanks. When will your next deployment be and how much will you increase the asset size. Our audio files can be as large as 45 MB.

My plan was 50MB, so it should be fine … I will deploy it tomorrow

I have deployed a new version with the defined limit. Can you test it?

I was able to upload files as large as 25 MB but a 30 MB test failed.

Thank you and sorry, I will check it tomorrow again.

Hi, I have deployed a new version.

Thanks, works perfectly up to 50 MB!!

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Hi- Is it possible to raise the limit to 1GB? I’ve got some very large/hi res videos…

No, sorry. It could easily be abused and the costs would then not be covered by the current pricing for plans. I would have to switch to a pay per use pricing model, which is hard to implement to prevent that I lose money.

Sorry to hear… Where could i find the setting to change this on the local version? I’ve found the appsettings.json file and changed “maxSize”: 5024288000" however, after restarting IIS, i still get an error from squidex saying the file is too big (200mb video)

Are you sure, that it is coming from Squidex and not from IIS?

Thanks! I was able to increase the size in IIS, however the application gives me an error “failed to upload asset. Please try again” when the asset is over about 150MB. I’ve checked the web.config and the appsettings.json file- they have the same value of “maxSize”: 40949672950

Any clues for a next step?

thanks again

HI, I have no answer yet, but here are a few things we can try:

Hi Sebastian,

Where can I find the asset default size settings on CMS?
We cannot upload images 1.1MB (more than 1MB) on version 3.0.0 and getting the error as per image.
I’ve set the image field schema setting to allow 5MB but doesn’t seem to work.
Which version was the 50MB size you’ve added?

This is the 5MB limit:

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FYI, created a new bug report here:


There still seems to be a 5MB limit in the cloud hosted version. Is there a way to increase my account to 5OMB?

thanks very much

I can extend it. But please note that I do not charge for traffic yet and I would like to prevent it, but if people start to upload large files and distribute them like crazy it can become very expensive for me.