[IMPLEMENTED] Consistent language-code pattern (language-region) for languages


Is it a problem to add no-NO (Norwegian) and fi-FI (Finnish) too, please?

<= This would be useful in my case as well. I’m building a multiregional and multilingual web app using the following URL structure:

pattern: domain.com/region/language-region/home



I.e. the URL structure must follow the language-region part regardless of language for consistency.

I would very much like to see this in the future - maybe this can be turned on or off with a feature toggle?

You also want other cultures, where only one culture per language exists?

Yes, I would like to have fi-FI, no-NO etc. even though there is only one region for those languages. I would basically like to have all the combinations that are available from the official subtag registry:


and here’s an app for searching that text-based file

and for completeness - the official docs:

if you search for “fi-fi” in the app it will tell you:

OK! The language tag fi-fi is well-formed and the subtags are valid IANA subtags, however, you should check the comments related to usage below.

Warning: Check that the region subtag FI contributes information needed to distinguish this language tag from another one, otherwise leave it out.

For example, en-GB can be useful for spell-checking, but the region subtag in ja-JP is unlikely to be useful unless you are intentionally contrasting it with Japanese spoken in other parts of the world.

Actually I agree with this but for structuring purposes or any other use case that you might have the best option is to list both fi and fi-FI.

So what I’m suggesting is the following change to Squidex if possible:

Squidex today:
In the language list you see “fi” for finnish.

And what I would like to see in the language list instead:

i.e. BOTH variations. Because they are both valid.

Hope it’s a little bit clearer now.

Yes, no problem. .NET already provides a list of all cultures and I actively filter out some cultures. Just have to remove the filter.

I have pushed the change.

Deployed to the cloud.

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