[IMPLEMENTED] Languange Variants

Is it possible to add support for culture instead of language only? In our scenario, we need to distinguish content between en-GB, en-US etc.

What are your suggestions to best extend the Language class for such functionality?

Sure, it is possible. Basically we only have to replace everything that uses Language with CultureInfo or we extend the language system. Not sure yet what the best approach is.

What is the reason you have to distinguish between en-GB and en-US? So far I have not uses cultures for localization of texts yet. Because it is too expensive to maintain several cultures for all your texts. The typical usecases for cultures is different markets, e.g. prices in dollar and pound.

The localization is designed to also other partitionings.

We only need to distinguish between en-GB and en-US to provide different translations for a specific language. For example color and colour. So far adding more entries to Languages.cs did the trick. I would prefer an approach which conforms to the Squidex coding style and add this to the code base, for other people who might find it useful.

I think language tag or language variant, is a better term than culture.

I created a PR: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/pull/322

Thanks a million! Is it a problem to add no-NO (Norwegian) and fi-FI (Finnish) too, please?

I have only added the cultures where more than one variant per language exists.

I mean: Variant per language

I understand :slight_smile: