[IMPLEMENTED] A list of all event types for asset and content rules, PLEASE

The examples in “step2: Edit Trigger” only mention the event types ‘Created’ and ‘Published’. I looked all over for the event type that is triggered when a piece of content is turned into a draft, before I finally found this post:

Please please please add a list of all the event types, it would have been so much easier! The OP in the link is completely right about the usability aspect.

By the way, I assume that the event type ‘Unpublished’ is the one that is triggered when a piece of published content is turned into a draft again?

Yeah, it is true that it would be better to have an UI, but I am not sure how it should look, because some people have complicated rules there.

The full list of events is:

Published means: [AnyStatus] -> [Published]
Unpublished means: [Published] -> [AnyStatus]
StatusChange: [AnyStatus] -> [AnyStatus]

[AnyStatus] is usually Draft or Archived but with a custom workflow you can also have other statuses like “In Review” or so.

Thank you, this clears everything up.

It’s not necessary to choose the event type with a GUI, but a complete list of the standard options would make a huge difference for users who are getting started with rules. For example just a link to a page in the documentation which contains exactly the information you included in your reply!

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Hi, I have added the events to the docs. But of course there is a lot of room to improve the UI for that.

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