[WIP] Design modernization

Usually I am not a big fan of redesigns, because it is just a lot of effort and does not provide a lot of value. But I would like to improve a few things around navigation to be ready for a future responsive design and a modernize the UI a little bit.

In this topic you can see a few low fidelity mockups. The goal is to freshen the design a little bit without changing too much and spending too much effort into it.

Your feedback is very welcome. If you have topics you would like to see changed, please don’t hold back.

The icons are just placeholders.


I have added more designs to an invision board. You can also leave your comments there.


I have also implemented a prototype:

It looks rubbish, but it is a more a prototype and an analysis how long it would take to implement that. The actual estimation is around 2 weeks when the theme itself is ready. But this is something for a professional designer.

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Hello, I do not want to create a new thread because it may fit this feature concept (feel free to remove it if not).

During content editing, we are too often face accidentally removing reference, when we want to actually edit it.



It may be, better to switch the order of icons as fast fix (because if it is accidentally clicking to edit it, closing the new tab is faster than re-assign the reference).

And by the way, refreshed UI looks nicer!

Close or delete is always on the right side. But the close button has a confirm dialog now…

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