[VERY_UNLIKELY] Add lastModified timestamp to Component

We have lots of different components under each parent object, but only the parent object has created, lastModified, lastModifiedBy timestamps. We would love to have lastModified timestamp in each component as well in order to be able to see what exactly was changed in the parent object or which components are new/modified/cloned.

Very unlikely that this will be implemented. Components have no ID, so it will be difficult to identify a component.

We do have ids (GUIDs) for all our components (otherwise we coudn’t work with them really), this was implemented during this and this ticket.

But components in general have no IDs.

I was going to say this sounds like something that can be implemented by adding your own fields and then in the Update script comparing the old and new data specifically around that component field and setting the last updated field if there is a change.

Yes, the problem is that there are no “add” or remove operations in the API. You just update everything, so when you get a new list of components you have to try to identity which component is new and which is old.

I cannot guarantee that this feature does not cause any consistency issues with existing records, therefore I am not going to implement it. There is also no good approach to detect whether something has been reordered, created or updated without an ID.

Yes, that is indeed very bad. It was very inconvenient for us so we had to implement customly generated IDs (with your help we now have GUIDs generated on create/update). Now we have the IDs, but not the lastModified date. I understand that you don’t want to do it this way, that’s alright.
N.B. that it’d be a tremendous difference if all entities will have IDs, so people like us won’t need to do workarounds to work with the CMS. Just saying :slight_smile:

Yes, but this makes other use cases more complex, e.g. when you upsert an item and the source does not have a unique ID.

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