[IMPLEMENTED] Generate GUID for hidden or disabled field using scripting

I want to be able to use scripting to generate a GUID for new content, but do so in a hidden field so that users cannot ever change the value.

According to @Sebastian, an extension to scripting is required:

You can mark a field as disabled and create the ID with scripting. But I have to make an extension to the scripting extension for that. Feel free to create a feature request.

It has been implemented. I have added a guid function.

It would look like this:

ctx.data.guid.iv = guid();

Thanks, Sebastian! I’ll give it a try today or tomorrow.

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Hi Sebastian. I just noticed that scripts are not supported for components.

I have a component called “section” which I use within other schemas. I want to generate a guid for each section as users add them to the schemas.

Can scripting for components be allowed? Or is there a workaround you can recommend?

It just has not been implemented. But components are part of the content directly so you can do it in the parent content.

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