Squidex App Limits

UPDATE This question has already been asked and answered here.

We are evaluating Squidex in the rewrite of a multi-tenant application. We would be hosting a Squidex cluster on Kubernetes (as in, this question assumes we are hosting Squidex ourselves. We would not be using the software-as-a-service offering).

My question revolves around any potential limits of Squidex Apps. We are planning on housing each tenant in their own Squidex App, so that each tenant has its own schema, users, clients, and so on. Much of the interaction with each tenant’s Squidex back-end will be automated.

Are there any foreseen problems with hosting 10,000 Squidex Apps on a single cluster? We can horizontally scale the docker container running the web application and the MongoDB just fine, but I’m wondering if anyone out there has successfully run Squidex at this scale, and whether there are any additional concerns we need to take into consideration.

Will one cluster be sufficient? Does performance degrade as the number of Apps grows and if so, are there any recommendations on limits (e.g. should we plan on hosting 10 Squidex clusters capped at 1000 tenants each?).

Hi, I have answered this question a few weeks ago.have you used the search?

Oh, my, this is embarrassing. Yes, you answered this question very recently. Thanks!

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