Multi tenancy for 1000's of tenants

Hi, I have been checking out Squidex as a headless CMS option and it looks great! I can’t find out if it supports multi-tenancy though. Could you let me know if it does support it?

I am looking for something that could handle many thousands of tenants and also enable full administration of those via Rest API’s or nuget packages and deliver content via GraphQL.


it depends on your definition of tenants. Right now each app is like a tenant and there is no problem to have 1000 of apps. The Squidex cloud has way more than that.

Furthermore you can do almost everything with the normal REST API. So it really depends on your requirements whether it works for you or not.

One simple thing that Squidex does not have is full a list of apps, because I simply do not care how many apps exist or what the users do in their apps.

Hi Sebastian, thanks so much for your quick reply. Really its about securely grouping data and users by organisation with no way to cross-over, and there will be about 20k separate organisations. Does that sound feasible?

With regards to the API, we would be looking to use our own Admin interface that then hooks into your API to do all the things an admin interface would normally do i.e. create, update, delete content (pages and all their components) .

It depends on your definition of an Organization. If each organization has only one app, then it is not a problem. An app is like a project and isolated from each other.

But at the moment, there is no concept of an organization in Squidex or something like teams.

There is also the performance aspect of course, but the number of organizations is not so important. More important is the number of total content items and the kind of queries and so on.

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