[SOLVED] Unable to update a schema or entity due to 'another user has made a change' error

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Current behavior

Whenever i try to add a field to my current schemas i get “Failed to make the update. Another user has made a change. Please reload.” This used to work perfectly yesterday.

Expected behavior

updatig my schemas

Minimal reproduction of the problem

I don’t know what caused this so i can’t really tell you what the minimum reproduction would be, but yesterday this was still working perfectly


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this might be related to Unable to edit schema & delete content from that same schema however the solution provided there isn’t useful for my particular case as i don’t want to delete my schemas. i want to update and make changes to them. Also i don’t know how relevant it is but i’m the only user.

Which schema are you talking about? Can you provide the app name and app schema please or the full exception (check chrome logs)

We’re also experiencing this.
App: “mine-app”
Schema: “portal-text-manager”
412 response from chrome log:
{“message”:“Entity (27040b78-9afc-40d7-95b4-9efdc6b2cc70–10492d5a-ac3c-45cb-ac90-1f1d894ad39f) requested version 5, but found 488.”,“traceId”:“00-a02d9f39e93f8548aff8fa1dd066f7f4-65f6e94eca464942-00”,“type”:“https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-6.5.10","statusCode”:412}

Same issue as Unable to edit schema & delete content from that same schema

“message”: “Entity (a6526b23-a84f-47e2-bd7b-895e429cc921–ec3ec640-ec53-4895-851a-071b45020560) requested version 1, but found 6.”,
“traceId”: “00-afb7ba7e244aad49b6590c009787ecb9-f0fc30ba181e294d-00”,
“type”: “https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-6.5.10”,
“statusCode”: 412

thank you for the reply Sebastian,

here is the data you requested + logs:

App : signposteu
Schema: intro-Block (but really all of my schemas seem to have this problem)
chrome log :

  1. message: “Entity (2ac04ed8-0437-471d-a44b-cb31495d6a86–e3d30269-0150-4b8d-9e51-27e4a2ea87ea) requested ExpectedVersion, but found 23.”
  2. statusCode: 412
  3. traceId: “00-19e9f8b9933a52439017595786b9ee16-4400a8d29be64f44-00”
  4. type: “https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-6.5.10

I have deployed a potential fix.

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Just tested and it looks like the fix is working…

Thank you Sebastian.

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