[SOLVED] Sq sync in -t workflow can't associate schemas

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Current behavior

I have exported a workflow from a squidex app. This workflow has a schema. When this workflow is reimported to a different app with the same schema i get the error

Schema calendars not found.

Also the CLI doesn’t warn/error about unexpected targets and has inconsistent parameter pluralisation (EG -t schemas -t workflow)

Expected behavior

The schema to be imported.


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Version: cli-v7.16.0


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You are synchronizing schemas and workflows, right?

Yes, Schemas first and then workflow

I have fixed it. The fix is in the build pipeline at the moment.

Do i need to update my CLI?

Yes, exactly. It was a CLI bug.

One last thing @Sebastian. When i do an export of workflows the file name on mac osx is workflow{i}.json. I wasn’t going to report this because I only have one workflow and it works but i supect an integer should have been put into the filename.

Thanks, I have fixed that as well.

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