[SOLVED] Image resize does not work anymore. Caching issue?

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Current behavior

Image resize does not work.
Here’s an example: https://cloud.squidex.io/api/assets/e71eaf24-961c-4ad9-ab56-d60cf19093c3?width=1400. The width parameter as no effect. The original image with its full width is shown.

However, if I change the width to 1401, it works again. Seems to be caching issue…

Expected behavior

https://cloud.squidex.io/api/assets/e71eaf24-961c-4ad9-ab56-d60cf19093c3?width=1400 should resize to 1400px.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Open this link: https://cloud.squidex.io/api/assets/e71eaf24-961c-4ad9-ab56-d60cf19093c3?width=1400. It’s not 1400px wide.


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Version: current version


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Thank you, there is no caching involved, which makes it strange.

I have no idea how this can happen but I will introduce a “force” parameter to always resize, even if there is a resized version available. This should not be used by default.

It is not deployed yet, but I have removed your resized version.

I think I have found the reason: It is actually this bug: [SOLVED] Image Resizer not work

You have probably resized the image before but the resizer was not working properly when only the width or the height was specified and then you always got the buggy version.

I don’t know the implementation details behind the asset optimizer, or if it’s related to this issue, but I can tell for sure it was working around 2 months ago :thinking:.

What do you mean exactly by “even if there is a resized version available”?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

The asset optimizer stores the resized version and if there is a such a file it just delivers that, instead of resizing it again. But if the file is buggy it will always deliver the buggy version. The force query parameter disables the check and always makes the resize.

Is there a way to purge all resized versions instead of adding the “force” param on every query?

No, sorry, there is nothing like that at the moment.