[SOLVED] Gzip doesn't work with CDN

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Current behavior

When requesting a gzip encoding by setting the appropriate header Accept-Encoding:gzip or Accept-Encoding:gzip,deflate,br for a request against the CDN the response isn’t zipped. Everything works as expected for requests against cloud.squidex.io.

Expected behavior

Responses via the CDN should be zipped as well.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Just fire a graphql request against the CDN and set the Accept-Encoding:gzip header. The response isn’t zipped (check the content-encoding header, it isn’t set).


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What content-types are you referring to?

Content type is application/json.

I have activated gzip for CDN. Can you have a look and test if it works? It might take around 5-10 minutes to populate the changes.

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Looking great, works perfectly fine now! Many thanks! :pray:

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