[SOLVED] Disabled fields still have x button (clear field content) enabled

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Current behavior

By enabling a workflow for making all fields disabled in a form (field canUpdate=false in workflow), when the schema content item is published, all the fields become disabled, except the x button of the fields, but that should be disabled as well.
The x button seems to only be disabled when the field is empty, irrespective of the state of the field (enabled or disabled).

Expected behavior

The x button (clear field) should be disabled when a field is disabled.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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Thx, will be fixed asap.

It was already fixed. You can test out dev-6705 if you want.

Thank you, Sebastian. We’ll update to the version dev-6705 you have recommended.

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Hi, is it possible to check this fix has been properly applied? It seems the bug is back, could it be a regression in a later version?

Sure, I will have a look. Thanks for updating the original topic.

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Cannot reproduce it:


I just tried this on almost latest version (
Upgrade backend. (#885) 7c1b33961921fa8f2888a529edc9b67f57583424) and I am seeing the same behaviour. It is only when the workflow is using the ‘Prevent updates’ functionality causing the fields to appear disabled:

However it does appear to be working as expected for some fields, for example the text field when part of a component:

If you disable fields using the schema it does look as expected:

You can also see the faint ‘Disabled’ hint that you do not see when disabling with the workflow.

This obviously isn’t a massive issue as we cannot actually save these changes to disabled fields as the save button doesn’t exist, but it might cause a bit of confusion for our users.

Okay, got it now. It is probably binded to the wrong property. Should be a one-liner.

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