[SOLVED] Content changed not triggered, restart not working properly

Hi Sebastian,

Not sure if this is a bug or squidex got update but;
We have a webhook configured which triggers on ‘content changed’ (all schemas). But it isn’t always triggered when content is updated. And also, history doesn’t update. I’m not sure if thats related. I see the same problems on our production app.

Version; Cloud
App; jeveka-test (you can reproduce and test here if you want)

Can you have a look again?

Ah yes it works again. And also history works again.
Is there anything I as a user can do(or stop doing) to prevent this from happening again?


No, it should restart automatically. There is a timer that checks every 5 minutes if the background worker are running and restart them if not, apparently it was not working.

Ok good to know.
Thanks for the fast reply! :slight_smile: