Squidex Rules not triggered

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Current behavior

When we create or update page then squidex rules are not getting triggered. We configured a Squidex rule to trigger a webhook when any page content is updated.

Expected behavior

Squidex rule should trigger the webhook when any change in page content.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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It works for me. But the rules are cached for a few minutes so it can happen that a rule is not triggered when you change a content item just after you created the rule.

Hi Sebastian,

I read some articles and found that there will be some background worker process running to trigger if any content updates.

Referred article: [SOLVED] Content changed not triggered, restart not working properly

Please find the URL below where were trying to create/update content and trigger the rule.

URL: https://cloud.squidex.io/app/cargocrew-dev/rules/events?ruleId=399ea5cd-38df-4b6a-ae0a-a7d49b1477a9&take=30

Manjeera T

It is very weird, indeed. I have to download the backup of the production environment and test it locally. This will take a while.

I have found a bug, that was causing the rules to be cached forever.

Hi Sebastian,

Can you please provide the work around for it.

Manjeera T

Of course, I am working on it.

I have deployed the fix.

What image version is that fix in ? 4.7.0 ?

Hi Sebastian,

The issue is resolved if we select checkbox “Trigger on all content events” in the rules. However, if we create a rule on a specific schema then the rules are not getting triggered if the content is updated for that schema page.

Can you please take a look.

URL: https://cloud.squidex.io/app/cargocrew-dev/rules

Manjeera T

I created a full width template and it works as expected. You can also keep the condition empty.

I will publish a 4.7.1 today

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Thanks Sebastian. We are able to trigger the rules now.

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