[SOLVED] 2024-03-12 Teams temporarily not available

Today, the 2024-03-12 teams were temporarily not available.

I have updated a new version, which accidentally fixed an old bug. Squidex has a few key-value stores, which are implemented as generics in C#. For example

interface IStore<Team>

class Team {

The collection name is derived from the data type that is stored as mentioned above. Basically since teams have been introduced the annotation was missing there and therefore the teams were stored in a collection name States_States and it has not been noticed, because there is usually not a need to check the database at all.

This bug has been fixed and the code was now looking in the correct collection called States_Teams which was empty. It took longer than expected to find the root cause of the issue and it was scary, because it seemed that data was deleted somehow.

Fortunately the fix was super simple and it was enough to copy the teams from one collection to the other. You might have received warnings about low API calls, because the system could not find the team for your apps.