[POSTPONED] Clone existing app

First of all, loud applause for making Squidex full of great features. After trying all the other competitors, feeling really lucky that I found Squidex :slight_smile:

However, I really miss one feature. There is a case to handle multiple environments, let’s say there are 5 environments and this number will definitely grow a lot in near future.

Currently, I create a separate application for each environment and copy all schemas, roles manually. The time consuming part is to copy all schemas manually between these different apps/environments. If some schema gets updated, this work needs to be repeated manually again.

I am wondering if there is any better way/trick to handle this?

It would be nice to have “Clone app” (or at least to synchronise schemas) button. As an alternative way it would good enough to be able to create a backup in one app and restore it in another. Unfortunately, restoring from file is not yet supported in UI side (what could be yet another great feature to implement).

Restoring is supported, but it is an admin feature, because I want to check backup before i integrate them.

I think it is a duplicate of this one: [INPROGRESS] Seed a model / schema to an app from a design tool through events

This is what I mean, that it would be nice to restore backup manually on UI side by uploading a ZIP file. Asking support to do so and waiting this to happen is more time consuming process for both sides than manually copy/pasting schemas.

In the case mentioned earlier, porting a backup from one app to another would be important too. Then I could simply create a boilerplate app, make a backup and bake all other apps/environments from the same backup file.

Or support of multiple environments in a single app sounds even bette. Then I imagine having same configuration, but content differs per environment.

But would such a sync tool not even better for you, because a backup tool always creates a new app.

Does not seem like a preferable solution for me. I would personally be much more comfortable doing this through a few UI button clicks without additional efforts investigating how this CLI works, have it installed on every device and somehow syncing/maintaining that structured folder between devices.

I do really support the first sentence on the Squidex landing page: “You don’t need another system for your content. You need it on a single place.”, but let’s see - I will definitely give a try to the CLI too.

I agree that it would be nice to have it in the UI directly, but it is very hard to write good user interface for complex cases, therefore i have chosen to write the CLI.

Bigger agencies or developers also like it because they automate their stuff using the API or CLI and having their configs in Git for example.

e.g. in your case you could trigger the CLI automatically when a new user signs up.

The sync feature is implemented and sooner or later the restore option will also be public.

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