Option to configure App/Service Name in OpenTelemetry Logs

Hi @Sebastian,

You implemented zipkin based OpenTelemetry logs and they have been really helpful. Here is ticket:

We have multiple instances of Squidex running and all of them are sending data against one name “Squidex” (Default value, you might have given). Can you move this to app-settings so we can change this value so we can segregate logs in separate app for different squidex instances. I can imagine something like below…

"logging": {
"level": "Warning",
"human": false,
"storeRetentationInDays": 7,
"storeEnabled": false,
"zipkin": {
"enabled": true,
**"appName": "Squidex-development",**
"endpoint": "[http://localhost:8082/api/v2/spans"]

There is “logging:name”: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/backend/src/Squidex/Config/Domain/TelemetryServices.cs#L25

It seems I have forgotten to add that to the appsettings file.The configuration file is more for documentation purposed and not really important.

Thanks, I will use “logging:name”

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