[IMPLEMENTED] Opentelemtry/Zipkin based logging

Is there way to integrate Squidex with Opentelemtry/Zipkin based exporter? I have below code in my other app to export logs. I am using AddZipkinExporter.


services.AddOpenTelemetryTracing((builder) => builder
.AddService(serviceName: serviceName, serviceVersion: serviceVersion))
.AddHttpClientInstrumentation(o =>
o.RecordException = true;
.AddAspNetCoreInstrumentation(o =>
o.RecordException = true;
.AddZipkinExporter(b =>
b.Endpoint = new Uri(“http://server:9411/api/v2/spans”);

I can see below setting, do they support Zipkin exporter ?
“otlp”: {
// True, to enable OpenTelemetry Protocol integration.
“enabled”: false,

        // The endpoint to the agent.
        "endpoint": "",

        // The sample rate as double. 0.5 writes every second trace.
        "sampling": 1.0

If Zipkin does not suppor the OTLP protocol you have to provide a PR for that…

See: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/backend/extensions/Squidex.Extensions/APM/Stackdriver/StackdriverPlugin.cs#L32

I have added Zipkin integration.

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Thanks @Sebastian. You are super fast. So I need to download latest image and I am good to go, right?

Yes, exactly. It should be part of 7.3.

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