[NOT_REPRODUCIBLE] Download Logs Issue

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Current behavior:
On the app dashboard, the Download Logs button gets a 524 request timeout from cloudflare. I wanted to debug this issue, but when running locally, only the Noop store is ever injected, I did not see anywhere that the LockingStore is actually configured? Am I missing something with that, or do you have a different setup for the cloud environment? As for the timeout, my apps have very little usage, just some exploration in the UI, so the log should be pretty minimal.

This seems related to this bug from January -

Expected behavior
Download does not timeout.

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Hi, the cloud version has another setup for that, but I will have a look.

I am not sure if there is much I can do.

To provide the logs I query the logging system from Google Cloud. But there is a limit, how much log entries I can read. Therefore the locking system prevents duplicate requests. It tries to acquire the log for only 60 seconds which is shorter than the cloudflare timeout of 100seconds. I just tested it and it works as expected, not sure why you got a 524

Thanks for the info Sebastian. We were looking to implement this feature pulling the logs. It looks like we will need to implement something to retrieve nginx logs for it. Thanks again!

Or a PR to have a independent approach :wink:

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