Intermittent failed fetch, seems a time out

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We have been seen a intermittent graphql end point error where the fetch fails and seem to time out.

WE finally caught it in post man !!

has any one see this kind of thing before …

We cannot find any 504 in the error logs.

I sounds a little bit like this: [SOLVED] Surrogate-Key Can Create Header Overflow

I would check your frontend server (nginx or so)

We are using the docker azure image ver 5.

I know, but it could be a reverse proxy server as well…

We’re running it as a docker image in Azure App Service and this is also something we noticed when upgrading from version 4 to 5. Using graphql as well.

This graph shows response time before and after the upgrade:

And now it’s always like this:

It’s not really a huge problem for us because we mitigated it by instantly serving the most recent cached request in our frontend app service anyways.

You could turn on APM:

Then have a look what takes time.