[IMPLEMENTED] Separate UI and content permissions logic

Currently v4.2/4.3, permissions are based on content/schema configuration instead of UI/user point of view. eg. let’s say we have 2 schemas:

  • article
  • author

The article schema has a relation field pointing to the author schema.

Say, the CMS access requirement is to allow content editors to only access article content section and none other.

To implement this requirement currently, we have to setup a role with permissions as below:

  • allow full permission to article schema
  • allow read permission to author since it’s used as relation field in article schema
  • allow at least read permission to assets section if any image fields are used in the article schema

If we don’t give at least read access to author, article actions will have forbidden errors. But this logic seems to be for schema/content/api aspect and not for UI as the content editors should not have access to author section at all. The same applied for assets, the user need not have access to the whole assets section but they should be able to use image field in the article section.

Would like to request a way to separate UI logic to schema logic while setting up the permissions.

Also similar to:

Also similar to:

There is a pending PR for this feature:

More properties:

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