[IMPLEMENTED] Relation Field DropdownList UI Item Limit

Hi Sebastian,

How do we increase the item limit for relation field dropdownlist in CMS?
Currently, it’s only retrieving 100 latest published items.
We’ve already set CONTENTS__DEFAULTPAGESIZEGRAPHQL to 200 but I think that’s for client-side calls and not for CMS internal api calls?
Could you point me to how to increase the record limit for dropdownlist in the CMS please?



Right now it is not possible. I will think about how to improve it.

We have more than 100 shows, it’s very critical for us to be able to select all published shows from the dropdown. Is there any work around?

Can we retrieve by some sort of relation conditional query?. eg. only pull shows related to selected station via some sort of trigger?
Our schema is Station:Show (1:m)

Another issue is that when we have an existing record with show#1, and the latest show is #120, the existing record dropdown no longer fetches show#1 since the dropdown only fetches the latest 100 shows (ie. #20-120) hence the dropdown with show#1 is empty.

I see, the dropdown was meant to be a workaround / solution for small datasets where filtering and so is not that important. I could make the limit configurable but I am not sure if I can fulfill all your requirements with this editor. It is just too limited for that.

Much appreciated if you can make the limit configurable via appsettings/env file like what you have for content api record limit. No worries about the other requirements, I was just thinking of them as possible workaround if the limit cannot be increased.

The main reason we use Dropdown UI in this scenario is that we only need to select 1 item hence the dropdown UI is preferred over grid base record selector. Also the Relation Field type offers both Grid and Dropdown UI options, we just make use of the dropdown for compact display. I thought if the Grid UI can list more than 100 items then dropdown in this scenario should be able to list the same amount.

Anyways I’ll take note of the dropdown UI intention for small datasets.

Sure, I will add this option.

Hi, I have added the option: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/src/Squidex/appsettings.json#L103

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Thank you! We’ll upgrade to tag: dev-2992 and give it a try. https://hub.docker.com/r/squidex/squidex/tags