[IMPLEMENTED] Merging schemas and content

Implement patch updates for schemas syncs, as we will not lose data when merging different schemas

Schemas are always merged, but not content right now.

I have implement that.

You have:

  • To install docker tag dev-6847
  • Download the newest CLI version.
  • Use the patch-content tag on the sync in command.

I updated the docker container and CLI version.
Have this issue

Thats weird. I will have a look. Do you have the log entry on the server side for that?

No, have not saved it, but remember also have problems with SMTP

Also --patch-content tag lose data.

How do you mean that? Is your issue solved?

I mean that with tag, and without have same result

I don’t understand it. It would be really great, if you can spend a little bit more time and effort into your support requests and write a few more sentences. It is very time consuming for me to ask for details and it also takes longer to solve the issue for you.

We can have a meeting, I can demonstrate live.

No, sorry. If you want to 1:1 support you have to buy a support contract. Yesterday was just an exception.

But what I have forgotten to mention, is that I have not deployed this change to the cloud. Sorry about that. But if you make a sync from the cloud to your local version and you use the patch flag, it should only override the fields that are part of the cloud version and keep the other fields intact.

But I do not understand what you have done to get rid of the internal server error in your first screenshot.

I do that with my local deployed.

@Sebastian, We also have an issue in our local deployment. Is there a way to create a local user without third-party autification?

Please create new issues.

Added - New user adding problem
What about this issue ?

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