[IMPLEMENTED] Column resizing for content tables

Let the user resize content columns.

From: Feedback from User / Customer

This feature only works if we change the table design. At least the content table, but preferable all tables to make it more consistent (not sure about that).


At the moment the field columns have a minimum width but take all the remaining space if less columns are configured:

The problem is that it does not work well when you resize the columns. Because the sum of all columns could be smaller than the available width. Then it would look very strange with the current design:


The solution is to left align the table (or columns) and allow them to have exactly the requested width. For example in GraphCMS it looks like this:

It could look like this in Squidex. I was not able to left align the table with just pure CSS in the browser, so it would look a little bit different, but I hope you get the idea.

This would also allow other features, for example sticky columns.

@blistick What do you think?

@Sebastian Would it be possible to allow the content window to scroll horizontally, so that all fields that are included in the inline view can be seen, i.e. as if we are working in a “spreadsheet”? This would be ideal.

Of course, this is already the case

Current status. What do you think?

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