[IMPLEMENTED] Allow resizing of built-in/meta columns in Contents view


I feel you have provided an answer to this before but I cannot find it.

Column resizing in Contents view was added a while ago (thanks for that btw!):

However the built-in/meta columns are not resizeable.

We’ve had feedback that for some columns such as UPDATED BY it would be beneficial to increase the width as sometimes names are longer than the default width allows.


Additionally on a less important note there are some columns such as the meta.status.color where you cannot see the column name, which would be OK if there was a tooltip to allow you to view it. Also some columns such as Version have the opposite problem where you can view the whole column name but then the actual version value doesn’t really need that much room.


I think there is no good reason to prevent that. if I had a reason, I cannot remember

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