[IMPLEMENTED] Add the insert Assets button to the custom editor

Hi Sebastian,

May I know how to insert the insert Assets button in my custom editor?

For my custom editor, it’s similar to the default because I’m using TINY, but currently I just using a html file as the reference of the custom editor. I saw your source code, you are using typescript to build the editor, can I add the button just using a simple html file?

Many Thanks!

Hi Sebastian, is there any methods? Many thanks!

No, sorry. I will change it to a feature request.

It’s ok, thanks for your reply!

I mean you can write your own asset selector. It is not that hard.

Sorry I missed the important thing …
What I actually want is a asset button which can open the linked assets in squidex, just like your default “insert Assets” button, this will pop up when the button was clicked:

Yes, I got that. But right now it is not possible. So the only option is to write a custom selector.

Got it. Thank you for your reply again!


I have implemented this feature request and have done a little bit extra:

You have 4 new functions now:

  • Show an error alert
  • Show an info alert
  • Show confirm dialog
  • Show asset dialog.

It is documented with a sample.

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <meta charset="utf-8">

    <!-- Load the editor sdk from the local folder or https://cloud.squidex.io/scripts/editor-sdk.js -->
    <script src="editor-sdk.js"></script>

    <button id="alert">

    <button id="info">

    <button id="confirm">

    <button id="pickAssets">

        // When the field is instantiated it notifies the UI that it has been loaded.
        // Furthermore it sends the current size to the parent.
        var field = new SquidexFormField();

        document.getElementById('alert').addEventListener('click', function () {
            field.notifyError('ERROR Text');

        document.getElementById('info').addEventListener('click', function () {
            field.notifyInfo('INFO Text');

        document.getElementById('confirm').addEventListener('click', function () {
            field.confirm('CONFIRM Title', 'CONFIRM Text', function (confirmed) {
                console.log('CONFIRMED: ' + confirmed);

        document.getElementById('pickAssets').addEventListener('click', function () {
            field.pickAssets(function (assets) {
                console.log('ASSETS: ' + JSON.stringify(assets, undefined, 2));


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