Hosting on Kubernetes


According to Orlean’s doc here

There is a Microsoft.Orleans.Hosting.Kubernetes package. I wonder if you are aware of that and if you want to have the same deployment setup like the doc says.



I have seen it a while ago, but I havent had the time yet to have a closer look. It is a lot of work

  • Integration (should be simple)
  • Testing
  • Documentation

But PRs are very welcome :slight_smile:

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Cool, I might work on it once we get some progress on our project. Currently I still have some problems with Squidex’ authentication. I haven’t pin point the issue yet, but I think it has something to do with the cookie. Once I figure out, I will report it here.

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Just ask. Usually I have heard the questions before. The main issue with authentication is that the baseUrl setting does not fit to to the actual URL.

no, I know that one already. I can login and use almost everything except /orleans

I put the question here so we can track it properly.

I just discovered if I don’t assign more than one core to the pod. It throws a ServerGC warning like

ServerGC only kicks in on multi-core systems (settings enabling ServerGC have no effect on single-core machines)

I think we can document it at

Also thanks for adding this Microsoft.Orleans.Hosting.Kubernetes package. It works perfectly.

You could provide a PR for the docs.

I also asked my CI expert yesterday to upgrade the helm charts with the kubernetes package stuff.

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