Change Subscription

Hello, i need to move subscription from the Account Sergio Mellogrand to

Hi, you have to cancel your subscription and then create a new one. I recommend to wait 15 more days and do it beginning of October.

The subscription is cms-sport which is FREE, how can i camce the subscription?

A free subscription means that you have actually no subscription. If you login with the other user and change to a paid subscription it should work.

Did it work or can I help you?

Sorry it doesen’t work, i get the same message, when logged as
You have not created the subscription. Therefore you cannot change the plan.
I would like to solve, and to be honest i’m very surprise that we can’t solve this issue,
I have another idea to solve if applicable, that is excecuiting a backup on the “old” profile wich is CMS-SPORT and restore in the new profile that i have created CMS-SPORT-2.
So let me know, how we can do it, but i must solve this issue now, because the person left the company yestarday.



Hi, we already started to discuss it here: Subscription Payment

The reason is that accounts are created per user, therefore the subscription is bound to a user. When you move to free plan the account should binding should get removed but there is a bug that prevents that behavior. I already wanted to redploy the cloud but at lot of small features are in the master branch and I want to test them carefully.