Asset upload size config - Docker


@Sebastian , good evening!

I have a question, like changing the file size limit to upload in docker.


Good morning. What is your question? :wink:


In general you can overwrite all app settings ( in Docker with environment variables.

All settings get converted to a map of key and value, where the key is the full path to the value.



if you want to override this you just have to use double underscore in your environment variable instead of colon:



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After you make the change, do I need to do anything else?


Restart of course. What is the problem?


Restart the container or composer?


On this question, I found the answer, just run the following code …

docker-compose up --detach --build

I changed the folder amazenametos to the Azure Blob - ok


I’ve alter the upload to

  - ASSETS__MAXSIZE=104857600

But even alerting the size of the upload, I still get the message …



Being that the file that I am uploading has 3.78 MB, which in theory is still within the standard size that is 5 MB



This is an nginx error. I will have a look what you have to configure there and ensure that the setup process is smoother.


The default docker config uses nginx with some default settings and the default option for nginx is 1MB upload size.

You can change it with client_max_body_size 1g for example.

I created an own dockerfile for the proxy where I overwrite a settings:

You could do the same and overwrite this setting. It would be great if we could make this dockerfile configurable with environment variable and then using a single variable in the .env file to overwrite the setting from nginx and Squidex.

Some help would be very welcome :slight_smile: