502 Bad Gateway - Login Error (docker version)

Hello again Sebastian, I created a linux machine in azure, I install the docker, the compose, I used the docmuentation on how to run the squidex in the docker but when I try to login with username and admin password the popup and it returns the following error

502 Bad Gateway
nginx / 1.14.1

I have no idea what be, can you help me with this?
Thank you!

Have you checked the logs?

Here is the log, I do not know what to look for, help me?


Thanks. Is it an existing mongodb database or a fresh one?

I see some Showing login: User is not authenticated… it would be also good to clear your Reminders collection.

Is it an existing mongodb database!

Is there something in the nginx logs?

It could be this problem: Identity Server changed? Can't login to Squidex UI problem

Have to update the docker-compose files


yepp, I see it in the logs.

Where do I create this?

Add this to your ingress manifest:
nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/proxy-buffer-size”: “8k”

Do you use the default docker-compose files?

Yes I am use the default docker-compose files !!!

I will provide a fix soon, just wait 10 min or so.

I pushed something, can you try the new docker-compose?

Aeeeee !!! I’ll wait, no problem!

Thank you very much

Yes, no problem!!!

Where do I get it?

Same repository, where did you get the other docker-compose file from?

From here…

Yes, this contains the fix.