Workflow statuses not visible

Hello. I’ve been playing with workflows multiple times. Using “development” docker-compose to setup dependencies. And starting squidex from latest master branch codebase.

So I’ve defined very simple workflow: draft => in review => published.
It works well with multiple contents schema, but not with single content.

Here is how it looks in single content:

And here - for multiple:

I tried the same on cloud instance. Result is similar.
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

I think singleton contents do not have a workflow. The purpose of a singleton is to be published forever and to live forever, e.g. for things like basic website settings where a custom content type would be overkill.

Therefore a singleton is always published and only has Draft+Published to new versions.

Thanks for response, Sebastian.
But I really believe, it makes sense to have same stages in place for single content.
The fact that it always has published version, does not reject the fact that it allows to have DRAFT. And from draft - it makes sense to have other stages until new version gets published. This will also make feature consistent. In case of my investigations, I do plan to use single content schema for frontend app definition, where I don’t need multiple items in place…
Makes sense?

p.s. not sure how complicated it is to get it in place, didn’t walkthrough related code.