Why Discourse and not Slack?

You probably wonder why you have been disabled in Slack and why you got the invitation.

The reason is that we just had too much communication channels:

  • Drift (the chat tool on the website)
  • Github
  • Gitter (a developer chat)
  • Email
  • UserReport
  • Slack
  • Trello

Some more frequently, some less frequently.

But it was too much. It was too much work to keep everything in sync and to have multiple lists for bugs, feature requests and feedback.

Furthermore the knowledge on the most channels gets lost lost, e.g. you cannot easily find old topics in slack and I cannot send around links to old discussions and topics, because it is just an unstructured stream of messages.

I hope to improve it with discourse. A single place for chats, support, bugs, news and feature requests.

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@Sebastian I have received your invitation into my spam folder !, btw nice support forum

Do you know, why it happened?

no idea but this is how the sender email looks like Squidex Support noreply (at) support.squidex.io via sendgrid.net

Is the Trello roadmap now deprecated or is it still a valid way to follow status of feature enhancements?

Right now, the trello roadmap reflects the current priorities in an ordered way. It is still valid.