While restoring a new backup I get the following error and does not allow me to restore the backup A restore operation is already running

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Current behavior

A restore operation is already running.

Expected behavior

To perform restore from Backup URL

Minimal reproduction of the problem

A new backup was successfully restored but while initiating a new backup we are stuck here :slight_smile:

A restore operation is already running.


App Name: https://cms-prod.app.werder.de/

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We need to stop this restore process from background and restore again

What do you mean with that?
Where exactly is the background stuck?

Thank you Sebastian for the quick reply, I am trying restore a new backup and it fails with the message:

“A restore operation is already running.”

Dur to this a new restore is failing! Please help

No idea why it hangs. Can you send me a link to your backup via PM?

How do I PM you Sebastian?

Is this PM?

Yes, it is …