Where is the cloud version hosted?

Where, geographically, is the cloud version hosted? Is there a plan for allowing for customizing the region of a hosted version?

The cloud is hosten in Frankfurt, Germany. So far there is no plan for other regions, as our personal capacity is too small for that.

Is the idea to use a CDN like Fastly if we need edge content and better resilience (e.g. if Squidex.io goes down, the CDN still has the content)? Or do you have something like that in place already?

There is partial support:

  1. Squidex generates surrogate keys: https://docs.fastly.com/en/guides/getting-started-with-surrogate-keys

  2. Squidex also provides a rule action to invalidate cache entries in fastly.

But depending on your architecture it might be overkill. You can also have a CDN in front of your webservers and a REDIS cache as fallback for Squidex.


When you say partial support, is there documentation around what isn’t yet supported?

You have to get fastly by your own and set it up yourself.