Where does Squidex keep the logs

Hi, I’m sorry for the silly question, but I’ve been trying to find the log entries for Squidex for some time now.
This is what the appsettings.json has configured for logging:

"logging": {
     * The log level.
     * Trace, Debug, Information, Warning, Error, Fatal
    "level": "Information",
     * Setting the flag to true, enables well formatteds json logs.
    "human": true,
     * Set to true, to use colors.
    "colors": true,
     * Set to false to disable logging of http requests.
    "logRequests": true,
     * Set to true to enable logging of profiler information.
    "logProfiler": false,
     * The number of days request log items will be stored.
    "storeRetentationInDays": 90,
     * True, to enable datadog integration.
    "datadog": false

As you can see, there is no mention of where the logs should go.

I looked in the MongoDB, the closest I came to finding logs is the Events collection.

But when I tried performing a backup using the CLI, I got this back:
C:\sw\win-x64>sq backup create backup-uat.zip
Backup started, waiting for completion…
Failed to make the backup, check the logs for details.

so there should be a record in a log somewhere, and I didn’t find anything in the Events collection.
Edit: I have now determined that the log entry I’m looking for is not in the Events collection: Editing a field inserts another entry here, but running backup viac CLI does not.

Once again, sorry for the stupid question, but I’m kinda getting desperate.

Squidex only logs to stdout: https://12factor.net/logs

Hi Sebastian,

Can you please know how to access log from squidex?

Rakesh Kanani

It depends how you host it…there is no log file.