What exactly is the syntax for a filtered query using the client.GetAsync() method?

I have been trying for hours to return a filtered list of documents with no luck. I can, however, pull the whole list when I call the GetAsync method with no arguments. The following code keeps coming back with

“No function signature for the function with name ‘contains’ matches the specified arguments. The function signatures considered are: contains(Edm.String Nullable=true, Edm.String Nullable=true).”

var category = “data/Description”;
var term = “ESV”;
var tryme = String.Format(“contains({0}, {1})”, term, category);

var client = clientManager.GetClient<Documentation, DocumentationData>(“productdocs”);
var docs = await client.GetAsync(filter : tryme);

Any help would be great.


I have to improve the docs, but you can check the tests in the meantime: