.well-known openid-configuration https error

Hi Sebastian,

I have a dedicated server and an on-premises squidex setup. When I set baseURL to http in app settings, “http://domainname/identity-server/.well-known/openid-configuration” returns http 200 ok and json configuration properly. When I configure the appsettings as https, “https://domainname/identity-server/.well-known/openid-configuration” address returns 404 not found page with 304 http code. Because of this, the user login screen does not open.

The application is hosted on IIS. No mistakes etc. is it available?

Thank you.

are you sure, that it is not just the IIS? I mean most installations work with https.

yes, when we install on a clean iis installation, I encounter a problem as I said. By the way, you’re right, it works fine on other installations. I’m getting an error like this in this particular server, I couldn’t find the reason and I’m looking for a solution.