Website + Web Application + ECommerce

I want to structure my company website like Microsoft

You will notice following:

microsoft[dot]com - corporate website per geographic location - ecommerce part - product page and product info (small website)

all integrated under Microsoft domain name

microsoft[dot]com [slash]pages

All under One Brand

I would like to design same structure and offer Unified Experience For My Customer
I would like to use Squidex for the same

I would also want to know if I could use squidex Identity to have centralise database where I can achieve Single Sign On For All other applications

ECommerce App Under Domain Name
Other Custom Application

All authentication Should be managed by squidexio not necessary squidex backend user, social login

can i use squidex as universal identity platform like Azure Active Directory

please let me know

I have mentioned [dot] as it is not allow me to put more than 2 links in post
“Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”

Hi and welcome to the community.

I have removed the restriction with the links.

I cannot help you that much with your navigation structure. When you use Squidex you have to take care about the frontend by yourself. So you can write it in PHP, Java, C#, NodeJS / Express, Angular, React or whatever you want. It is your choice and therefore you also have full control about your link structure.

Squidex identity is an extension for Squidex currently in BETA. The idea is that you use Squidex as a database for your users and Squidex Identity provides the SSO solution. If your users need to authenticate to other applications than it is a good choice, but in general I would say that OIDC (OpenID Connect and OAuth) is not easy to understand. You could say that it is a competitor to Azure Active Directory or Auth0.

If your other applications need to talk to Squidex than you do not need Squidex identity.