Webhooks now GET instead of POST

Webhooks seem to have changed to GET instead of POST. Was this intended?
Am I missing an new setting maybe?

Which version are you using, I am not aware of any change. In the code I still see a POST.

Btw: which version are you talking about? Self hosted? Cloud?

I tested it and it works. But my assumption is that you have a permanent redirect, e.g. when you make a POST call to a http:// endpoint that redirects to https:// … I tested it

Webhook to https://squidex.io works fine.

Webhook to http://squidex.io makes a redirect.

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your reply. Changed http to https and works now.
We were using the cloud version btw. A while ago we forced our websites to https on Azure. And apparently since that change we had to update the webhook url.
My bad :slight_smile:

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