Webhooks not triggering after latest outage

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Current behavior

Updating content is not triggering webhooks. This started happening 2 hours before this issue report, not sure if related to this outage: [SOLVED] OUTAGE: Our production website is down and it seems not to have any data

Expected behavior

Webhooks should trigger after updating schema contents.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Update content of a schema, go to area “Rules” and click webhook “Logs” to check that webhooks are not triggering.


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Thx, I will have a look asap. The fix goes out today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the reply! Appreciated for a rapid fix has we’re managing a Marketplace going through peak season of sales, so impact is high.

Let me know if I can provide with additional info.

What is your app name again?

I can confirm that the rule system works in general. Perhaps you have a condition in the trigger that causes problems. Can you provide more information here?

Have you tried the simulator?

dott-staging and dott-production

But where is the problem? I see the webhooks in the log view.

Edit: I have stopped and started the process, perhaps this just helped without me realizing it :wink:

Yes, I can confirm that it started working again a few minutes ago, but there were no changes on our end. :man_shrugging:

Do you see any evidence on what caused this issue?

Not yet, I have not checked the logs yet.

Sure, no worries, everything seems fine now. It even triggered the updates that were pending during this time.

Once again, thank you for your support!

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