Webhook to Push Schema Updates(leveraging CLI commands somehow at Webhooks level) to Github Repository


This one is important as we continuously evolve our schema in dev, prod instances. The idea is to use updated schema models in Squidex and push them to Github repos(using APIs) directly on update Schema Webhook (Rules).

This will allow easy backups and version control of appropriate schema changes in the dev environment and will keep it simultaneously clean from prod environment. Especially when doing too many POCs in the dev environment.

This might sound like an outlandish requirement but given you already have triggers to check for schema changes its more a question of supporting an option to export schema models to an API integration with Github

I think this is to special, I would write a custom function that is triggered when the schema is changed and then uses the CLI or the API to update your stuff in Github.

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@Sebastian Is there a section where I can write custom functions in webhooks?

I mean a custom function on your server.

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